80% of people fear public speaking

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80% of people fear public speaking

fear-speaking-free-image-150x150Last year I conducted a poll to gauge peoples responses to:

”If you were asked to do a presentation – to speak in front of a group of people,
how would you feel?”

The results showed an overwhelming response of feelings of dread or fearfulness towards speaking in front of a group of people. Supporting the common belief that, most people fear speaking.

If you were asked to do a presentation – to speak in front of a group of people, how would you feel?

  • dread just thinking about it, procrastinate, poor preparation, panic on the day 51.85%
  • avoid it, get someone else to do it, loose an opportunity 29.63%
  • enthusiastic and looking forward to it, an opportunity to promote your skills and knowledge 11.11%
  • realize its a great opportunity but be really nervous on the day 7.41%

Negative thoughts create stress and for some people the prospect of speaking in front of a group of people can trigger multiple negative thoughts. Most of the time you would never stay such negative things to another person but we freely allow these toxic thoughts to pollute our minds. A debilitating mental and physical stressful experience can be the result. Doubt, forgetting what we want to say, shakes, tension, stomach upset just to name a few of the stress reactions. An unprofessional delivery of our presentation is what results and we don’t want that.
These stress causing thoughts can build and become habitual thinking patterns. To stop them becoming automatic thoughts that we really start to believe, we need to acknowledge these thoughts as they arise. Acknowledge the stress response as it manifests as physical reactions in our bodies.

Successful speakers never totally loose the fear of speaking but are able to intercept these thoughts and physical stress reactions. They choose more positive responses, take negative energy and turn it into a energized delivery of their presentation.

When you can control speaking nerves your confidence will radiate with “stage presence” in the your delivery of presentations or speeches. You will build the trust with your audience and your enthusiasm and positive energy will be what wins your audience over.

Tame your public speaking fears
Grasp the opportunities in your career and life

In a Tame the Terror workshop you will learn strategies to overcome your public speaking fears, and build a personalized plan.

Held by Elaine Doyle Public Speaking Trainer and Coach and qualified therapeutic meditation teacher specialising in stress management. Elaine will help you overcome your fear of speaking in front of a group of people, preparation strategies and stress management techniques, Elaine has helped many others become confident public speakers. You can too!

Contact us to book a workplace workshop or individual coaching.

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About the Author:

Elaine Doyle is a Communication Specialist. Working with businesses and individuals, Elaine creates strategic communication plans that speak to and influence target markets, grow brands and build relationships. A renown public speaking coach Elaine teaches professional speaking skills to inform, influence and inspire.