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An inspirational speaker I have worked with, Dave Jacka, quadriplegic, is not content to let anything limit his dreams.  He set to take off on his next adventure flying solo across to the Kimberley on his 4 desert adventure.   Planned for June 2nd unfortunately bad weather delayed this start.  Determined to take off a few days later but unfortunately defeated this time by the weather, this trip had to be cancelled.  I eagerly await the news of the reschedule of this adventure.  Knowing Dave, he will not be grounded for long.


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I had the pleasure of being a master of ceremonies at a dinner that Dave was the key note speaker. What an inspirational story he shared with us.  Last year he completed a brave journey flying solo around the coast of Australia, the first person with quadriplegia to do so.  Dave told us the story of his journey through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles  he faced when he initially had his accident that changed his life, through to his flight around the coast of Australia and the joys and dangers he faced.

dsc00082This was no ordinary adventure story speech it was full of life lessons for all of us.   Identify the little steps that make up the big goal and focus and work as hard to achieve these. Move onto the next and the next and you will achieve your goal.  We heard how Dave applied this approach in his life situation.    As you can appreciate learning to fly is difficult, flying solo around Australia is even more difficult.  Having quadriplegia presented huge obstacles  to reach this dream of flying solo.   You can achieve amazing things, Dave Jacka  is a living testament to this philosophy.

From a public speaking perspective Dave highlighted these important steps in his speech without preaching to us he used his story which illustrated the  lesson that is universal to all of us.  A great speech the audience was totally engrossed in.

I think in life too often we are in such a rush to achieve things, we get frustrated, angry or give up at relatively small set backs. I will  remember Dave  Jacka’s inspirational words when things get tough for me.   He is a great speaker for corporate events and schools and will leave you inspired to make the most of your life, even the everyday adventures.

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