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About Elaine Doyle

Elaine Doyle is a Communication Specialist. Elaine creates strategic communication plans that speak to and influence target markets, grow brands and build relationships.

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? Content marketing can provide an effective low-cost way to promote an organisation. Adding quality content to a website that adds value, informs and is interesting, material that the audience wants to read, is the foundation of content marketing.  Traditional advertising can be expensive and obvious, in most cases, audiences [...]

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Storytelling to create effective content

Storytelling to create effective content Storytelling is an engaging way to explain your organisation's message or values.  The story can be the central element in a content marketing strategy.  The story needs to be strategic in its design and usage to be effective and contain the following effective characteristics. Characters consistent with your brand Firstly, [...]

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Public Speaking Fears

Audiences are not seeking perfection from a speaker but are seeking a speaker who is authentic, is real, has conviction and enthusiasm   Too often we waste so much energy worrying about the what-ifs, these negative thoughts create a negative physiological and psychological effect on our bodies, that equals nerves and stress. Public speaking fears. What if I forget my speech? What if [...]

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University Scholarship

With today's high cost of tertiary education,  a university scholarship is highly sought after.  The way you communicate can rank your application above the others.  Your ability to communicate with confidence, to articulate your unique qualities, what you will do with the academic opportunity of a scholarship and explaining the value and purpose of [...]

Spoken Word Marketing

Supercharge your marketing with Spoken Word Marketing Techniques Spoken word marketing is a powerful, and direct way to develop a connection, relationship and trust with your customers. Put quite simply what we say and how we say it has the potential to build or destroy trust in your brand. Every opportunity we have to [...]

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Humour makes presentations great – Visit the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

With the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival upon us, most of us will be catching at least one show.  It's a feast of humour and great opportunity to hear from the masters in their craft. Why are we drawn to comedy?  It makes us feel good and forget the stresses of everyday life.  Comedy/humour in presentations [...]

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