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Elaine Doyle is a Communication Specialist. Elaine creates strategic communication plans that speak to and influence target markets, grow brands and build relationships.

Speaking coach saves audience from being bored to death

Have you ever been to a boring presentation?  Have you ever given a boring presentation?  The basic skills of giving a great presentation are not rocket science, so why do we still have to endure boring presentations?  Public Speaking is one of those skills that require confidence, opportunity with practice, and feedback. Honest feedback not [...]

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Want great speeches and presentations: Inform – Influence – Inspire

Great speakers inform, influence and not just motivate but truly inspire.  You can create a Triple I (Inform, Influence, Inspire) presentation for work or school by framing the focus of your preparation on the following:   Analyse your Audience The first step is to understand our audience, not only the size, age and demographic but [...]

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Got a great idea to share? Deliver a TED style presentation.

Have you got an idea to share?                           Do you want to present like a TED speaker? What is TED anyway?  TED stands for Technology Education Design.  It’s a not for profit organization run by volunteers with the idea to build a better [...]

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Sales speeches are taboo

Event organizers are constantly seeking experts in their professional to speak at industry events.  Speaking at an event is a golden opportunity to grow your business, reach potential new clients, motivate, persuade and get your name out there raising your profile as a thought leader in your industry. But event organizers don’t want sales speeches. [...]

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Ten public speaking tips to harness the passion in your speech

We all have a passion that burns within, dedication to our beliefs, loves, career or interests. For most people if you are having a conversation and the conversation turns to one of your passions, we begin to communicate as our “true selves”, the real you.  This is your authentic self and wow that can be [...]

Proud Sponsor of Junior Cricket Tour of Sri Lanka 2015

Train to Speak is a proud major sponsor of the Junior Cricket Tour of Sri Lanka 2015, supporting these two cricket teams of children from Melbourne as they embark on a life changing tour.  “Cultural diversity and friendship through cricket” is the theme of the tour,  forging lasting friendships with the children of Singapore, Malaysia [...]

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