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Got a great idea to share? Deliver a TED style presentation.

Have you got an idea to share?                           Do you want to present like a TED speaker? What is TED anyway?  TED stands for Technology Education Design.  It’s a not for profit organization run by volunteers with the idea to build a better [...]

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Ten public speaking tips to harness the passion in your speech

We all have a passion that burns within, dedication to our beliefs, loves, career or interests. For most people if you are having a conversation and the conversation turns to one of your passions, we begin to communicate as our “true selves”, the real you.  This is your authentic self and wow that can be [...]

Presentation Feedback from the best

Presentation feedback from a Toastmasters International Speech Evaluation Contest winner.   How does the contest work? The contest involves listening to a 5-7 minute speech from an unknown speaker.  The contestants then have 5 minutes to prepare a supportive speech that will acknowledge the existing strengths of the speaker and give recommendations for improvements, all [...]

Speak without notes

Speak without notes Using notes is not a crime. Many people think to be a “good” presenter they must speak without notes, but most don’t feel confident enough to speak without their notes.  Self imposed high expectations puts more pressure on the presenter causing stress.   This article will look at the two predominant  styles of preparation, [...]

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Aspirations of a World Champion of Public Speaking – Lessons for Business

Here I am again with aspirations to compete for the World Championship of Public Speaking.   A 6 level contest, I am competing in the third level on 14th March with my international speech “What makes the real difference”  a speech about listening. Every year thousands of Toastmasters members enter competitions from the 120+ countries [...]

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