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What is content marketing?

Content marketing can provide an effective low-cost way to promote an organisation. Adding quality content to a website that adds value, informs and is interesting, material that the audience wants to read, is the foundation of content marketing.  Traditional advertising can be expensive and obvious, in most cases, audiences skip past it or avoid it (Steimle 2014). The Content Marketing Institute (n.d.) believe that valuable, relevant and consistent content can be a more efficient way to achieve a sale.

Rather than pushing or selling, content marketing provides thought leadership, this sharing of information promotes the expertise of the organisation or individual.  Creating quality content can be far more effective than direct selling as it informs the audience, helps them to identify issues and needs.  Possibilities can be presented that your audience may not have previously considered, at a critical step of the buying cycle (Murthy 2011).

Think of it this way, if a potential customer arrives at your website and reads quality, informative content that your competitor does not have, your site may have a better chance of converting that potential customer.

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Increases your website search ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing your websites ranking in web searches. The following are three ways that quality content can improve your websites SEO (Michigan tech n.d).

  1. Content that is interesting to your customers will be rich in keywords that your audience may be searching for.  Exact matches of keywords will rank your website higher
  2. Keeping your content relevant and updating it regularly, contributes to a higher ranking
  3. Other websites may use your quality content as a reference and create links back to your site. Popular websites that link to your website will also improve your ranking

Advantages and Challenges


Startups and low budget operations will benefit from the low cost of content marketing. Quality content can build trust and loyalty.  This trust may result in sharing your content or other websites linking back to your site. Monitoring the success of specific content will help customise an effective content strategy.


Creating quality content can be time consuming.  Multi-platform media skills may be required to produce the content and analyse its effectiveness.  Building a  following will take time so persistence is required ( n.d).

Breaking Through Women in Comedy Project

The Breaking Through Women in Comedy project drew on the advantages of content marketing as a strategy to build a supportive community for upcoming female comedians. The project used video, embedded on a website to tell a digital story.  The target audience for the story was aspiring upcoming female comedians. The video contained an interview in a conversational style that had open-ended questions to elicit authentic answers and insights, to provide inspiration, motivation and support for female comedians (Davoren, Doyle & Logan 2018).


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