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Individual Public Speaking Training with Elaine Doyle

Your tailored public speaking plan starts here with individual public speaking training with Elaine Doyle. Your personal trainer for public speaking will identify your existing strengths and fast track developing your speaking skills and confidence.

What happens?

Elaine Doyle will help you formulate your ideas into powerful, influential presentations or speeches.  You set the objectives and Elaine will provide the guidance and support to help you on the path to get there.  Analysing your existing public speaking strengths, Elaine gives you honest and supportive feedback to develop your presentation preparation and delivery.


Procrastination toward preparing for a presentation will diminish and your confidence will soar as you head into giving that next presentation with strengthened skills and the knowledge and insights of a professional speaker.  Learn invaluable skills for presentations and speeches for work, study, social and community occasions, speaking at meetings and interviews.  Connect with your audience and you can influence, persuade, motivate, entertain, sell and lead.

Why choose coaching with Elaine Doyle?

With almost 20 years of public speaking, with over 28 public speaking titles, Elaine offers a wealth of experience to corporate business and education clients. A corporate trainer in strategic communication, business communications, presentations and public speaking training. Elaine’s workshops and individual coaching empower business professionals to effectively communicate their message.

A growth mindset to public speaking underpins Elaine’s teaching of communication skills.  Understanding and applying this mindset approach will save you time in preparing your next presentation and give you confidence in understanding ways to connect to your audience .   See Elaine’s background

Elaine’s supportive teaching style emanates from her skilled and qualified specialist background in stress management and meditation, member of ATMA (Australian Teachers of Meditation Association).  Elaine will support you to break through the barriers of negative cognitions that create speaking nerves.

Concentrated personal training sessions are where your keynote, presentation, interview or sales techniques are fine tuned. Learn professional speaking tips and techniques for confident speaking in-front of a group.  Public speaking skills applied directly to your situation and needs will fast track your learning, confidence and professionalism towards your career goals.

How do I Book?

Individual Face to Face Training for half or full day sessions can be arranged by following:

Step 1 to book Face to Face Individual Coaching

Book your free phone consultation
Book your free phone consultation

Step 2  You will be sent a link to a  client analysis form to help Elaine understand your back ground and goals for the the training.

Step 3  Next is a phone coaching meeting with Elaine to discuss goals, background, upcoming speaking opportunities and recommended individual training plan arranged at a mutually agreeable time.  You will be sent a no obligation quote for the training.    Your individual Public Speaking Training written quote will consist of one or a mix of:

  • One half day coaching face to face individual training
  • Multiple half day face to face individual training sessions
  • Full day face to face individual  training
  • Triple I Individual Public Speaking Individual Phone Coaching
  • Or a customised coaching package

Face to Face Individual Training can be conducted at your workplace or offsite venue.

Until this point there is no cost.

Step 4  Payment of your training will confirm the booking.

Step 5  Individual training plan commences at agreed date and time.