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Great speakers inform, influence and not just motivate but truly inspire.  You can create a Triple I (Inform, Influence, Inspire) presentation for work or school by framing the focus of your preparation on the following:


Analyse your Audience

The first step is to understand our audience, not only the size, age and demographic but why are they here? Most importantly what matters to them? What is happening in their life at present?


Get to the Point

Keep your point or message clear, try to describe it just one sentence, under 6 words if possible. When we listen to a speaker our minds search for logic in what the speakers is saying. Unconsciously we search for the point or message. If we make the point clear it frees the audience to open their minds to your presentation, speech content, point of view, facts or stories. If a presentation takes a lot of hard work to understand the audience may not be interested enough to be bothered.  Make it easy to follow (not simplistic) but clear, unambiguous, easy to understand.


Connect and keep the audience engaged

Engagement and connection to an audience does not happen by chance it is crafted into the speech.  When you understand what matters to THIS audience you can tailor the presentation to include information this audience will relate and respond to.


Informative Speech

You might understand what your talking about in your mind perfectly.  The key to an effective informative speech is to explain the topic at a complexity level the audience will understand and present it in a style that is appealing.  For example a group of cancer scientists may be more interested in data and findings rather than inspirational stories of hope, whereas a group of cancer patients may respond better to stories and inspirational images of overcoming the disease.

Influential Speech

The key to an effective influential speech is to build the trust and connection with the audience.  Using stories, information, language this audience will relate to shows the audience you are one of them, builds trust and influence. If you put yourself in the audience’s shoes and relate to the topic in a way they would relate to it, answer questions concerns, doubts the is audience is likely to have will make them feel like the presentation is directed to them individually.

Inspirational Speech

Overcoming odds, obstacles, hardships, problems particularly if it is what the audience may be facing at the time can be inspiring.   Deliver the speech with enthusiasm, conviction to the subject matter.  Share how you feel in your heart about this topic and your enthusiasm and passion will be infectious.



Elaine Doyle provides individual presentation and public speaking coaching to develop speaking skills for business, career and personal success.


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