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Presentation Skills

Influential Speaking

Learn professional speaking skills

Great Ideas to Great Presentations – 90 min
Clarify your message and develop this into a well-structured easy to follow presentation. This workshop will help your staff create presentations that clearly communicate your business message.

Connect with your audience – half day
Grab your audiences’ attention and maintain it throughout your presentation. Turn boring into brilliant. Engagement otherwise known as connection to an audience is an essential element for a successful presentation. It doesn’t happen by chance it is carefully crafted into the presentation, find out how.

The Authentic Speech – half day
Identify and develop your authentic speaking style. Professional speakers let the audience get to know them, that’s why we like them, yet still remain professional. Explore ways to develop your professional authentic speaking style.

Technology Presentation Tools – 60 min
No more death by powerpoint. Overview the most popular technology tools, what’s out there when and how to use them effectively.

Technically Speaking – half day
Technical presentations need not be boring. Learn ways to grab your audiences’ attention and imagination. Present data that is meaningful and interesting. Influence and showcase your knowledge. Sell your ideas and build enthusiasm in your product, research or findings.

Sales & Marketing

Connect and Sell

Communications skills for sales success

Spoken Word Marketing – 1 or 2 half days
A consistent business message is essential to build trust and integrity in your brand. We teach you to ingrain your business message throughout all forms of communications with your customers. You will supercharge your existing marketing strategies when clients hear you speak. Unlock a world of powerful free marketing.

Marketing Presentations – 1 or 2 half days
Releasing a new product, service or marketing campaign? This small group team workshop targets the preparation of a presentation and development of speaking skills to communicate your new product, service or campaign. Get out and start speaking.

Persuasive Speaking – half day
Persuade – Motivate – Sell.  Learn and practice methods to present your point, proposal or product with persuasion. Learn counter responses to alternatives that will help your clients decide that your point, proposal or product is the right choice.

Networking to Build Referrals – half day
Create effective networking skills in your business and staff. Stop selling and start stimulating interest in your brand, service or product. Tap into the power of referred and repeat business starting from effective networking. Develop an introduction that will connect to your clients and leave them saying “tell me more”.

Speaking to Camera – 90 min
Is your business creating a marketing or educational video? Don’t wait until the “Big Shoot Day” Learn techniques to speak in front of the camera with practice time and feedback. Present professionally on camera.


& Team Building

Strong Communications Builds Strong Teams

Staff Brand Empowerment – half day
This workshop explores what your business brand and message means to your staff and how they can authentically communicate this to existing and potential customers. Business communication takes on many forms, this workshop encourages a consistent message throughout all forms of communication, formal or informal.

Question & Answer Sessions – 60 min
Learn how to control and master the Q & A. Learn how to deal with difficult people and difficult questions. Ensure your presentation remains positive and reinforces your message.

Speaking to teens – 60 min
Inspire, motivate, educate the next generation. Speaking to teens and students holds many speaking challenges. Learn ways to engage different age groups.

Small Business – half day group or individual coaching
The success of every presentation in small business is critical. Your business speaking coach will help clarify your business message and assist you and your staff to create influential presentations to build your business.

Team building – one day
Debating requires teamwork and persuasive communication. Participants will experience how a well-functioning team is strong, resourceful, supportive and incredibly persuasive to achieve more than the individual. The day draws parallels from the debate applied to the workplace. No debating experience required

Speaking Stress

Overcome speaking nerves

Speak with confidence

Tame the Terror – half day
Identify negative thoughts that create speaking nerves and learn strategies to overcome these nerves. This workshop explores different methods to overcome speaking nerves and you will develop a personalized plan. Practice relaxation techniques. Turn fear into fantastic. Face your next speaking opportunity with more confidence.

Take a Relaxed Approach Stress Reduction – Meditation/Relaxation half day
Identify your stress triggers and how stress manifests itself physically and mentally.  Discuss the negative effects. Explore various relaxation/meditation practices. Develop your personal relaxation plan. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and empowered to reduce the effects of stress in your life.  Conducted by qualified meditation teacher ATMA (Australian Teachers of Meditation Association) certified.

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Training is customised to reflect your industries needs. Mix and match from the options listed above or contact us to create customised professional development.

Workshops held on site at your workplace , offsite training venue, or part of your next convention or training retreat.  Prices start from $750 for a one hour small group workshop.

  • Small Workshop up to 8 particpants
  • Medium Workshop 9 to 20 participants
  • Large Workshop 21 to 40 particpants
  • Large Group Tutorials 40+ particpants
  • Keynotes, Seminars & Conventions

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Workshop Bookings
Workshop Bookings
“Elaine provided an interactive and informative experience, with the opportunity for each participant to explore their personal speaking styles within a helpful and supportive environment. It was a positive experience that significantly contributed to their confidence in speaking in public”.
Dr Caroline Owen, Education & Communications Officer , Cancer Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne

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