Sales speeches are taboo

//Sales speeches are taboo

Event organizers are constantly seeking experts in their professional to speak at industry events.  Speaking at an event is a golden opportunity to grow your business, reach potential new clients, motivate, persuade and get your name out there raising your profile as a thought leader in your industry.

But event organizers don’t want sales speeches. Selling from the stage is taboo. Let’s face it who wants to attend an event (especially one they have paid to attend) and listen to a series of sales speeches. Speakers who persist on presenting sales speeches rarely get more speaking bookings and are rarely asked to return.

Educating and story telling is the best way to prove to your potential new clients that you know what your talking about.  Educating and story telling if done in an engaging way will have clients coming  back wanting to find out more and speak to you after the event.  You will most likely sell more of your product/book/offer, sign more people up to your cause with an educational or story approach rather than a sales approach.  The whole idea is to stimulate interest and inspire not pressure and persist.

Here are my top tips for event speaking:

  • Pick a topic you are an expert in and that is current.
  • Analyse who your audience are and what could be of benefit for them to learn more about.
  • Focus on sharing real information not just snippets.  You want to show the audience you are very experienced in this area and are the expert to go to.
  • The more information you give, the more interest and response you will get.
  • Cut any sales type jargon or words from the presentation.
  • Have material available so they can follow you up, be subtle (not the steak knife deal!).
  • Most importantly have your presentation professionally reviewed to ensure you are speaking in an educational or story telling style not deviating back into a sales type speech.  My experience in coaching small business owners is that it is a common human trait for those small business owners who have to be master of all facets of their business, to readily slip into a sales communication style without even realizing it.  They unknowingly sabotage the effectiveness of their presentation and are likely not asked speak at other events or return to speak.

Speaking at an event is an excellent way to promote your business but avoid the selling from the stage – sales taboo.

Elaine Doyle is a Business Communications Specialist who coaches professionals to developing professional confident presentation skills.

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Elaine Doyle is a Communication Specialist. Elaine creates strategic communication plans that speak to and influence target markets, grow brands and build relationships.