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Have you ever been to a boring presentation?  Have you ever given a boring presentation?  The basic skills of giving a great presentation are not rocket science, so why do we still have to endure boring presentations?  Public Speaking is one of those skills that require confidence, opportunity with practice, and feedback. Honest feedback not the rubbish you get from your colleagues, “that was great mate” That tells us nothing, it’s no help at all.  It just leaves us guessing, what was great?  Are they just being polite?

A couple of sessions with a speaking coach is money well spent.  The right coach can help you fine tune your presentation skills identifying your existing speaking strengths and developing your speaking skills to increase the effectiveness of your presentations towards your goals.

Coaching for just about anything is the way people fast track their skills.  For your personal life there is personal trainer for fitness, Nutrition Coaches Swimming lessons, Golf Coaching, Tennis Coaching, Skiing Coaching, Parenting Coaching, Relationship Coaching and if all that is not enough even Life Coaching.  For business we have Business Coaches, Financial Advisor, Tax Advisor, Personal Stylist, Marketing Coaching, Social Media Coaching and some even have Virtual Assistants.

But when it comes to one of the most important skills we possess, that will open opportunities to show the world our views, our experience and skills that set us apart, only a few engage a public speaking coach to help the unlock their potential and power of the the spoken word.   Those that have worked with the right coach speak effortlessly with influence and in doing so open opportunities for themselves.  It seems crazy after most of us have spent 10’s or 100’s of thousands $ on education to have that amazing knowledge stifled and trapped behind poor communication.

But why doesn’t every one engage a speaking coach?

When most people feel at best apprehension towards speaking to groups of people and at worst complete fear. Too often we hear “ill wing it” and the result is it looks like you have “winged it” poor preparation screams disrespect for your audience and you don’t want that if your audience is your boss or a prospective customer.

Some of the reasons people do not engage a speaking coach:

  • Cost  –  group training or individual coaching can be extremely expensive
  • Time – they are already working long hours and lack the time
  • Don’t want anyone to know (because they feel they should already be good at this)
  • Feel it’s only for people who want to become professional paid speakers.


A good speaking coach:

  • Will give you feedback on your speaking strengths and fine tune your skills to develop them further
  • Will centre the training around the type of speaking you are needing to do at present and future
  • Will tailor the training to your needs not expect your needs to be met by a fixed training course often called a “step approach” rubber stamp training.
  • Spends a lot of time listening to you, not speaking about themselves
  • Will be totally honest with you and supportive
  • Will develop your your authentic speaking style
  • Will not ask or expect you to be a copy of themselves


At Train to Speak we specialise in Public Speaking Coaching.  

  • Conducted by a professional speaking coach
  • We firstly analyse your speaking and development goals
  • Tailor an individual training plan
  • Set you exercises, tasks to apply the learning
  • Give you feedback on your strengths and identify development areas all with supportive feedback
  • Conducted with regular conveniently scheduled confidential sessions 
  • Regular coaching support meetings by phone or face to face 


“Elaine’s individual coaching gave a review of my public presentation and improved it. She showed the preparation and presentation techniques that I believe are useful to improve my public communication”.
Stanley - Lawyer and Community Leader



Triple I



“It seems crazy after most of us have spent 10’s or 100’s of thousands $ on education to have that amazing knowledge stifled and trapped behind poor communication”.

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