Ten public speaking tips to harness the passion in your speech

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We all have a passion that burns within, dedication to our beliefs, loves, career or interests. For most people if you are having a conversation and the conversation turns to one of your passions, we begin to communicate as our “true selves”, the real you.  This is your authentic self and wow that can be powerful, persuasive, motivating and charismatic, all the things we want in the delivery of a speech.  But quite often when we sit down to write a speech, in the process, the fire of passion turns to mere smoulder and in some instances is extinguished altogether. How can we harness this passion for the delivery of our speeches?

Here are my ten public speaking tips for harnessing passion in the delivery of your speech.

  1. Try to speak about things you are passionate about or truly believe in.
  2. If it is not something you are passionate about find an element of the topic that you do agree with or believe in and focus on that.
  3. If you know little about the topic do your research  with knowledge comes understanding and empathy toward the topic.  Find out more about who or what  this topic effects.  This development of an empathetic understanding will foster a championing of the subject matter.
  4. Write your speech to be spoken not read.  Write down the actual language you would use to present and explain the ideas, as if you were speaking to a friend over a coffee.  This will be conversational, persuasive and  authentically you.  This brings me to my next point….
  5. Try recording your speech rather than writing or typing it.  This way you will capture the essence of your ideas and the spirit of how you deliver them.  It also makes it much easier to remember, listen to rather than read from a script.
  6. Don’t read it, don’t recite it,  LIVE the speech.  Yes jump in and live every word make it come to life.
  7. Dispense of the notes.  If you need to, make yourself a road map of the order of the points.  Most of us can remember the context of the points but loose our way trying to remembering what part of the speech comes next.  No notes means no distraction between you and the audience.  You can make eye contact and interact.
  8. Involve your audience, ask them questions, get some two way interaction happening.  Their energy will help fuel your energy on stage.
  9. Use language at your audiences level, don’t talk down to them.
  10. Talk directly to your audience, use individual words like “You” rather than collectively “how many of you”.  Or use  “Your” rather than collectively “our”.  This makes the interaction direct, conversational and facilitates the flow of energy between the audience and you.

We all have the ability to deliver  powerful, persuasive, motivating and charismatic speeches, they key is to reveal your authentic self.

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