Spoken Word Marketing

Supercharge your marketing with Spoken Word Marketing Techniques

Spoken word marketing is a powerful, and direct way to develop a connection, relationship and trust with your customers. Put quite simply what we say and how we say it has the potential to build or destroy trust in your brand. Every opportunity we have to speak about our business on all levels, seminars, presentations, meetings, information sessions, networking is a golden opportunity to re-enforce a business message and build trust. Spoken word communication about your business is what we at Train to Speak call Spoken Word Marketing.

Strong Business communications skills in audience analysis, structure and connection techniques, will deliver professional and influential presentations.  Using Professional Speakers connection techniques you will identify the most effective way to connect to your customers.

If your presentation is successful it should leave your customers wanting to know more, excited about your product or service, ready to take the next step. Your aim should be that the end of your presentation to create a new beginning or stronger relationship with your customers.

Smart business owners identify Spoken Word Marketing using spoken word communication as an endearing way to build customer relationships and as such becomes an integral part of their marketing plan.

Take your existing marketing strategy, that step further. Great spoken word communication skills will deliver your message with influence.

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Elaine Doyle is a Communication Specialist. Elaine creates strategic communication plans that speak to and influence target markets, grow brands and build relationships.

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