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Communication Planning

Elaine Doyle, Communication Specialist is experienced in creating messaging that reaches clients, builds relationships and builds brands.

Founder of Train to Speak, Elaine consulted on brand launches, brand building, product or service campaigns, community engagement and crisis management.  Elaine created an integrated mix of media and select channels that reached target audiences delivering her client’s message.  Elaine helped her clients reach their business goals using a smart and targeted mix of digital and/or print, social, web, paid, owned and earned media, events, speech writing, media training.

The Planning Process

The Communication Plan

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Situation Analysis Research
  3. Define Organisation Goals
  4. Set Objectives
  5. Target Audiences
  6. Create Messaging
  7. Choose Pathways
  8. Choose Tactics
  9. Implementation Strategy – plan & costings
  10. Evaluation Methods

Integrated Communication Plan

  • Market research – segmentation – strategies
  • Advertising – paid – owned – earnt
  • Social media strategies – influencers
  • Events – promotion – planning
  • Launches – PR
  • Speeches writing – speaking coaching
  • Media training – coaching
  • Web copy – imagery – storytelling
  • Brand consistency
  • Brochures – flyers – banners
  • Newsletters – reports – letters