Got a great idea to share? Deliver a TED style presentation.

//Got a great idea to share? Deliver a TED style presentation.

Have you got an idea to share?                           Do you want to present like a TED speaker?

What is TED anyway?  TED stands for Technology Education Design.  It’s a not for profit organization run by volunteers with the idea to build a better world with the sharing of information and ideas.  TEDx are locally independently organized events in your community licensed by TED.  Are you passionate about an idea and want to share this?  Could you present a TED style presentation?

10 tips about creating a TED style presentation:

  1. Are not sales speeches they are information sharing
  2. Topics the speaker is expert in, passionate about
  3. Delivered in a conversational natural manner
  4. Last for 18 minutes or less
  5. Delivered to a live audience
  6. Speakers speak without notes
  7. Look “off the cuff” – but take months of planning and rehearsing
  8. Speakers don’t get paid – organizers are volunteers
  9. Speeches are available to be downloaded for free
  10. Raises your profile as an expert in your industry

Tips from Elaine Doyle Business and Education Communications Specialist, founder of Train to Speak.

Visit the TED talks website

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Elaine Doyle is a Communication Specialist. Elaine creates strategic communication plans that speak to and influence target markets, grow brands and build relationships.